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The Amaranthine Voyage

So the big day's finally over. We sold out the show in the afternoon, which was a bit of a shocker for us, but we can't deny we were totally buzzed about that. Carrying all the props and setting up in the venue was backbreaking, but we had the help of the very good crew and production team from the Esplanade as well as the help of some very kind friends in our crew who helped us with the tech stuff - Goose, Marlon Ingle, Martin Kong, Bryo, Julian (at 15, he's by far the youngest of our crew!) and of course the irreplaceable Leonard Soosay on the mixing board (yes, he also gets credit for most of these photos in here) - and plenty of the art direction in terms of where these props were to be placed).  


Our groovy little merch table was helmed by Ms Wu aka Lesley from KittyWu Records.

Live generative visuals for the night were provided by the very talented Bin and Ivan from the PMP crew. Hypnotising and the interaction with the music was a really nice touch - it's the first time we've ever used visuals live. It definitely enhances the overall vibe.

So there you have it. Thanks to everyone in Esplanade's and our fabulous crew of ragamuffins who toiled really hard that Friday, 24 June 2011, and of course those of you who were there at the show that evening (and sure, even those of you who were there in spirit too!) to make it a really memorable and unforgettable one for us. We hope you enjoyed it and we are very grateful to you for hitching a ride with us on our maiden voyage.

We're posting links to reviews of the show and our album as they come in, via our Press Room page. 

This is just the first leg of the journey, and plenty of fresh adventures await. Till then.


- Daniel 

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