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In each hand a cutlass


In Each Hand A Cutlass (IEHAC) is an instrumental rock act from Singapore.

These sonic pirates blend progressive rock, ambient, post-rock and metal elements, casting aside all music boundaries, to create epic and powerfully moving songs to lift your spirit and leave you yearning for more. Live, they tear into their instruments with an intense, unbridled energy, delivering engaging and immersive performances that are simultaneously technically accomplished, musically nuanced and visually exciting.

They initially came to prominence with their debut “A Universe Made Of Strings” in 2011, followed by a 2-track EP “Forgetting” in 2014, and played a number of high profile shows, including Esplanade’s Baybeats festival, the People’s Party festival, Malaysia’s Urbanscapes 2013 music festival and shows in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Accolades included a Best Band of 2011 award by Juice Magazine and Best Instrumental/World Music award for the track Helmets And Fiery Endings at the VIMA Awards 2011.

The band released “The Kraken”, their highly anticipated and epic sophomore album, in April 2015, accompanied by a triumphant album launch show at the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay which sold out more than a week prior, with demand continuing long after tickets were no longer available. The album was recorded, engineered, mixed and produced by acclaimed American record producer Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Pete Yorn, Sunny Day Real Estate, Veruca Salt, Touché Amoré) and mastered by Emily Lazar (Foo Fighters, Haim, Sia) at The Lodge, NYC. “The Kraken” has been garnering unanimously positive reviews, with the Straits Times’ newspaper awarding it a 4-star rating and lauding it as Album Of The Week, as well as landing on year-end best-of lists on music sites such as Metal Storm and Heavy Blog Is Heavy. It has also spun first single “Satori 101” which has been gaining traction on Lush 99.5fm.

IEHAC has a following that extends far beyond their shores, with active listeners and supporters discovering and lauding their music all the time. In September 2016, the band will be playing at Big Sound music conference and festival in Brisbane, followed by a China tour, including an appearance at the Concrete and Grass Music Festival in Shanghai. Touring plans and overseas festival shows are currently being sought and explored.

In Each Hand A Cutlass is not just a band with a fancy name. It is a statement of intent.

from L to R:

Daniel Sassoon / Guitars
Amanda Ling / Keyboards, Programming
Jordan Cheng / Drums, Percussion
Nelson Tan / Bass
Sujin Thomas / Guitars


News & Updates




THE PAPER, THE PEN, AND A WORLD BEGAN (2015 digital single)

Track Listing:

1. The Paper, The Pen, and a World Began



Track Listing:

1. The Deep

2. Overture

3. Satori 101

4. Combing Through The Waves

5. Seagull 1751

6. The Kraken Pt 1: Manifest

7. The Kraken Pt 2: Melee 

8. The Kraken: An Intermission

9. The Kraken Pt 3: Monument 

10. Heracleion

11. All Or Nothing

12. Ouroboros


SATORI 101 (2015 digital single)

Track Listing:

1. Satori 101



Track Listing:

1. All We Are Left With Is A Memory of A Memory 

2. Appetite For Dysfunction 



Track Listing:

1. The Escape 

2. Inspector Cutlass 

3. Glaciers 

4. The March 

5. Helmets And Fiery Endings 

6. Chocolate And The Lovelorn Girl 

7. Marauder 

8. White Boxes 

9. End Of The Line 

10. Hammering The Bones

11. A Universe Made Of Strings 

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