Brisbane, here we come

Thanks fellas, for coming down to our shows at the Esplanade's Annexe and for Hood Bar's Singapore Original Sessions' 5th Anniversary party. It was a blast playing with our friends from King Kong Jane, Cadence and Amterible. Was an absolute slice.

Now to take this on the road...first stop Brisbane! Big Sound 2016, we are super excited.

Wed 7 Sep, Crowbar, 9.50pm to 10.20pm

Thu 8 Sep, Singapore Sound System party at Ric's Backyard, 5 to 8pm

And check out this sweet poster done by Kristal Melson @krisonautopilot! One more reason for Brisbane folks and those at Big Sound to c'mon down, we'll have new T shirts and stickers based on this artwork, and CDs plus stories to tell - drop by to say hi, stay to have a blast.