More rehearsals.

So last night it was more of the same. After this, it's one last rehearsal on Thursday night to go before the big day. It feels really good to be jamming with this level of frequency and intensity; it's like a well-oiled machine now. It's almost a shame we're only playing this one show...would be nice if we were setting off on a 3-week tour!

- Daniel




Last night at Snakeweed, we set up shop for rehearsals over the next few days (well, save for Wednesday...we need a break!). The Great Spy Experiment were there mixing their second album, and the tracks that they were playing sounded excellent...some of the new ones reminded me a bit of Mona or Kings of Leon. I think it's going to be a hit.

After going through the first run of our set, we cracked open a bottle of Angostura 5 year old Carribean rum that the kind folk at Quaich Bar sent our way. Can't go wrong with a rum & coke as a refresher. Then we blazed through another set run, planned the channel I/O list for the mixing board, and other miscellaneous scheduling details on the props and other good stuff. As Amanda was saying, it's unbelievable how much effort and preparation is going into what will essentially amount to one hour on stage! Still, the fun is in the journey.

Hopefully Leonard will bring a proper camera tonight and I can ditch the iPhone photos.

- Daniel


...and we're off!

Testing 1 2 3. Is this thing on?

So it is. Welcome to our little space on the web. It's now the Monday before our album release and lauch at the Esplanade which is on Friday 24 June, and we're gearing up for a whole week of rehearsals at Snakeweed Studios from tonight onwards, as well as picking up our uniforms from our designer Pimabs (you'll see!). It's going to be an absolutely crazy week, and we hope to capture some of these moments here in this space.

We've put an enormous amount of work into the album, and we are really very proud of A Universe Made of Strings. We're also really stoked about the press and publicity from various media outlets, both mainstream and independent...thank you all. We hope we're playing a small part in keeping the S-rock (or Singapore rock!) flame alive.

Join us for the show and the journey.

- Daniel

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